Recent years, with Management Continued to strengthen, China’s food safety and quality has improved significantly. However, there are still problems, such as food Package Materials, if there are problems, it is even more potential hazards. When people buy food, you can by packaging Label Understand its composition, but can not understand the packaging material itself is a threat to human health.

It is understood the National Technical Standardization Committee of plastic products has organized experts to draft the standards. Among them, the “composite films for food packaging, bags General” has been reviewed by experts. Concerned that the composite food packaging films, bags standards are currently only a few, but the use of General in the form of the development of new standards, this is the first time.

Consumer health awareness Recently, I visited several large supermarkets, Futian, Nanshan and, in particular, the use of package bag, and the film was about food. Many consumers said that although usually when buying food, “unless there are special significant damage, stains or the like, not what is required for food packaging”, but with the emergence of food safety issues while ago, and now begin to focus on Food packed. According to sales, said customers often buy food when the issue accordingly.

It is understood that the state just to impose national standards for food labeling is one of the “pre-packaged food labels General GB7718-2004”, has started consciously implement business and reflected in the product. Currently, the standard of food packaging has attracted the attention of consumers in the Nanshan a supermarket, I asked to shoppers regarding the quality of food packaging, many consumers said that after the introduction of such standards, food safety will be more more protection.

Brand enterprises pay attention to health standards

Current food manufacturers for food packaging bags, printed film is to request it? Nanshan Kobayashi in a plastic color printing plant told the author, corporate quality and materials will be requested, but the special requirements of customers residues indicators are not many. Formal enterprises or foreign companies, usually written in the contract specific requirements, such as demanding what type of ink. His introduction to the author, when the ink quickly printed in the composite film, bags, you need to add in the ink, toluene, butanone, ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol and other mixed solvents, it is a good dilution and promote drying. For the printing industry, this process is normal.

Shenzhen Bao Yi-known drinking water companies, Yee King of the relevant person in charge told the author that bottled water packaging (ie bucket) on the quality of drinking water has a great influence, brand enterprises in Shenzhen and general water the gap between large enterprises, the quality good or bad, “specifically to look at production management practices are not standardized, there are no health and safety conscious, willing to invest.” He said that bottled water manufacturers account for the cost of a bucket of the total cost a large part of consumers everyday with 18.9 liters bucket, if the use of high-quality PC (polycarbonate) as raw materials, the retail price of each barrel of 30 yuan. According to regulations, each bucket in the repeated use of 100 times, we must scrap. In general, the life of a new barrel is only 2 years. Some small and medium enterprises and production of barrels manufacturers to save costs, recovery of some scrap buckets, or with some bottles from the waste material, scrap buckets made of CDs and other garbage on the consumer’s health at risk.

With the introduction of standards related to food packaging for the food industry is the norm; on the consumers, these standards will provide new protection for healthy living.

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