A list of top nursing schools in California signifies a roll call of the finest programs anywhere around the globe. From strongly-thought of programs at esteemed public schools like UCLA and University of California, San Francisco, to outstanding private universities like Kaplan College and University of Phoenix, to a myriad of superb community junior colleges, California delivers prospective nurses a range of high-quality options that can fit just about any schedule, budget and job aspiration.

How to Pick the Right Nursing School in California

For any soon to be registered nurse, BSN, or MSN, moving through the listing of nursing programs within California could very well be too much to handle. To make the task less difficult, it is essential to identify some common considerations upon which every school may be evaluated.

In general, to be able to rate on the list of top nursing programs in California, its course must satisfy the following requirements:

Carry an official certification from the State Board of Registered Nursing, or other applicable body
At least 70% of the program graduates should pass the NCLEX  on the initial attempt
The program must have a favorable standing in the community

Any specific institution that will satisfy all of these requirements is usually deserving of an applicant’s attention. That being said, you will find other variables that should also be considered before deciding on a school.

Items to Consider About Nursing Schools

Besides the aforementioned details regarding a school’s certification standing, there are a few more significant things to think about when selecting a good nursing school for you personally. While the other set of criteria is practical for figuring out how important a degree received from an institution will likely be, these characteristics will allow you to see how good the school is for you personally:

Will I meet the school’s conditions for entrance?
Am I able to pay for the school’s tuition or can I qualify for financial aid?
Does the training program specialize in the field of nursing that appeals to me?
Does the school offer class times which agree with my daily schedule?

The responses to these types of inquiries should let the individual more deeply reduce the number of universities seriously considered until only a few remain.

Writing reviews about nursing programs in California is much fun than i thought

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