Academic and behavioral problems of troubled teens are treated through religious discipline in Christian schools. Schools to help troubled teens are operated by the Catholic Church and many denominations of Protestant Christian Churches. New Testament based teaching and religious instruction are given to troubled youth and options to help them change their lifestyle based on faith the Lord Jesus Christ is imparted in these schools.

There are many types of Christian Schools for troubled youth. Residential Schools of religious correction are established for troubled youth who are out of hand and need long term rehabilitation. Homes where instruction is given to bring misguided youth into the religious fold are also established by the church. Short term school programs include Sunday school programs, summer school camps, youth camps and boot camps. Separate camps are organized for boys and for girls. Special camps are operated to help troubled teens with specific needs like substance abuse and violent behavior.

The main function of the church is to bring misguided teens back into the religious faith. Adolescent problems addressed in the schools include emotionally troubled teens, teens who are moving away from their families and their faith, teens who have started experimenting with alcohol and drugs and are showing abnormal sexual behavior, teens that are making the wrong choices in their young lives and depressed teens that lack motivation.

The beneficial result of the efforts of Christian schools for troubled teens are that they bring faith  and hope to misguided adolescents and restore their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. They teach them to set goals based on the New Testament and give troubled teens a fresh start and new hope for a better future as adults. They show them the error of their ways and give them options on how they can go ahead by disciplining their lifestyle based on the teaching of the Bible.

Charitable Christian schools for troubled youth are usually free. Other schools charge a fee. Charitable schools are often funded by the parishioners or members of the church.  Christian Schools charge a monthly tuition fee, transportation fees and a onetime enrollment fee. Some schools provide all study materials to students while others require the parents of the troubled teen to provide study materials.

Experts believe that religion based therapy provided at these schools are extremely helpful in weaning troubled teens away from harmful habits. Religious teachings are as effective as psychological therapies in helping troubled adolescents. Religion is a solid prop to lean on while the adolescent makes an effort to reform his or her life. Religious teachings are guides to rightful and moral living and a reference that will keep teens on the righteous path for life. They become responsible members of the church after their rehabilitation program is complete. This community interaction in church keeps them away from negative company and thoughts. They start taking part in the activities of the church which keeps their minds occupied with constructive thoughts. 

Christian Schools for troubled teens impart religious instruction and correct the problems that have made teens stray from the religious paths followed by their families.

Are you struggling with your struggling teen? Find out how schools for troubled teens can help.

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