Closer – The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey (Curtis and Rei cover)
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We are artists from Japan!
This type of songs are less popular in Japan compare to Western countries so we weren’t sure this is the good idea to do the cover…
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Untitled Project: AM_SKYPE_RN - Rei Nadal / Ali Michael

For over two years, Nick Knight, director Rei Nadal and the duo behind Cav Empt explored the term ‘youth’, documenting their stages of research in a SHOWstudio project entitled ‘Untitled Project’- conceptualised by Director of MACHINE-A’s Stavros Karelis. The research served as development for the project’s final stage – a film by Nadal and a range of limited edition Cav Empt products.

This is Rei Nadal’s ‘AM_SKYPE_RN’. Here, Nadal continues her visual research with this short film adaptation of her Skype meetings with model Ali Michael.

Direction: Nick Knight and Rei Nadal
Executive Production: Charlotte Knight
Concept: Stavros Karelis and Cav Empt
Models: Ali Michael at Next Models London, Cosimo at TM Agency, Everton at House Warmers and Esrom, Ibrahim, Jyrell, Kalle, Sonny and Karnye.
Styling (Ali Michael): Lauren Coppen
Styling (all males): Stavros Karelis
Casting: TM Casting
Production: Riana Casson
Film Edit & Colour: Raquel Couceiro
Digital Post Production: Gabriel Carasso
Music: Rezzett
Styling Assistance: Billy McKean and Alex Komarov-Reinisch
Production Assistance: Mariana Calderia and Mara Branss
DOP: Britt Lloyd
Camera Assistance: Rob Rusling
Thanks to: Annoushka Giltsoff at Cav Empt, Sami Janjer at Nike, and Direct Photographic
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