CNA Certification is essential to work legally in nursing care field in America. A candidate has to complete cna certification programs, which can make them eligible to sit for the CNA Test. The duration of the course is 75 to 150 hours and every state has their own requirements for the training programs. The course can be completed within 6-8 weeks, depending upon the institutes offering the training programs.

Certified Nursing Assistant Certification program consist of classroom and practical hands-on training. The theory part on nursing care is learned through classroom learning, whereas actual patient care is taught in Clinical training.
The characteristic of Certification test is as follows:

•  Multiple Choice written exams on classroom learning, which has to be performed in a group setting.
•  Five clinical manual test exam, where five skills will have to be performed out of 25 nursing skills in actual facility or lab with a model of patient.

Even Online practice test are offered to test your classroom leanings and clinical hands-on training.

There are certain state and federal requirements, which make it necessary for a nurse aide to get their stipulated trainings program and sit for the CNA Certification exam. It is essential to pass each part of the exam before you can become a certified nursing aide.

Certified Nursing assistants are these people, who offer compassionate care to ailing patients. In order to get certified they will have to complete 75-150 hours, respective state and federally approved Nursing Training Programs of classroom learning and clinical trainings. The completion of training will make them eligible to appear for the competency evaluation test.

The test evaluates the skills of nursing aide for actual nursing of the suffering patients and their knowledge about patient cares.

The certification also get them listed with specific state Nurse Aide Registry, facilitating them to work legally in hospitals and different other health clinics. Their main duties during caring of the patients are count pulses, measure heart beats and temperature, change bed linen, assist patients in movements in walking, wheelchair and stretcher, clean room, report everyday condition of the patient to Licensed nurse, make nurse care plan, increase moral of patient and their family members and so on.

CNA works under the direct supervision of LPN and is an important member of a medical team in a hospital or health center.

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