Wherever there are nurses, there are CNAs. Becoming a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant can lead to great job prospects for anyone looking to increase their appeal in the job market. The healthcare industry is in high demand right now which means many are needed to provide the basic care that a CNA is licensed to provide. They help free the nurses up to do their job better and are a major asset to any hospital, nursing home or any other kind of medical facility. 

CNA training is a little less involved that going to school to be an RN. Most training is around six months. This means that is much easier to get into the job market much more quickly and start working with doctors and nurses in different types of medical facilities. So it is possible to take advantage of the growing job market while CNAs are still in demand. The basic care that a CNA can provide is a huge assistance in busier facilities. 

For those that are licensed to be a CNA and are currently looking for a job the best place to look is retirement homes. Retirement homes or senior living facilities require their staff to perform basic assistance to seniors making a CNA a perfect fit. Some schools even have placement programs that can help you find a job at a senior living facility directly after you graduate which helps ease the process of finding a job. 

Another good job option for a CNA is performing at home care for sick, elderly or injured patients. The main role of a nurse that is performing at home care is to perform basic tasks that a CNA is able to perform. CNAs are cheaper for the patient than a registered nurse so they will often use a CNA instead to save money. 

These are the two most popular places that a Certified Nursing Assistant is likely to find a job.

There are also many hospitals that are looking for CNAs. Some of these hospitals even offer training programs to students wishing to become a CNA so they can transition seamlessly into working at the hospital. This also benefits the hospital because they will know exactly what kind of training that student received while they were studying to become a CNA. 

Working in this field is also a great step in the process of becoming an RN. It makes individuals able to work in the field and get experience while they are studying to become an RN. All of these things make become a CNA a great step to finding employment in the medical field quickly. It is an in demand position that can provide valuable experience to those wishing to advance their career in the medical industry.

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