A Certified Nursing Assistant has to do a lot of duties while he is working in a nursing home. If it is a continuing care community, his duties will still be more. The primary duty of a CNA is to see that the patients in the nursing home are comfortable. Depending upon the wing of the nursing home, the duties of the CNA will differ.

Whatever is the duties a CNA has to perform, he has to carry them out compassionately. Some of the duties of a CNA in a continuing care community are helping patients to walk, moving patients in wheel chair from place to place, helping the inmates to eat and do other daily activities and sometimes even bathing the patients.

There can be patients who need support for toileting. If there are adult patients who use diapers, the CNA needs to change them from time to time. Some of the patients may not be able to change positions on bed and the nursing assistant has to help those people often to reposition them on the bed.

Otherwise they may contract bed sores. The nursing assistant’s behavior should be such that the patients should feel dignified. A certified nursing assistant also has to help the patients in their aesthetic needs. Some may need your help to brush their teeth, comb their hair and apply makeup.

There may be people who will depend on you for shaving or some ladies might ask you to polish their fingernails or even comb and style their hair. It is also the duty of a certified nursing assistant to change the bed covers of the inmates of the clinic and sometimes sweep the rooms.

A new CNA will be shocked when his/her duties as a nursing assistant are explained to him/her. A nursing assistant is required to be present when the patient does some physical exercise. Though it is not his/her duty to make the patient do the exercise, he/she must be available there just in case his/her help is needed by the patients. You take up this responsibility only if you are asked by the supervisors.

The CNA also has to monitor the body changes of the patients by checking blood pressure and temperature. A nursing assistant might also be asked to monitor and chart the patient’s intake of food and water.

If the patients under your care is hurt somehow, you must report this to the concerned authorities and get immediate help. Details of all these duties of a CNA will be given to him/her when he/she is hired by a nursing clinic.

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