Probably the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world, Coca Cola does not need presentation. Over the years, the black, bubbling brew has known multiple reversals, although the classical formula is still the favorite of all. And if there was Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke and Coca Cola with lemon, Why may not have a perfume with notes of Coca Cola?
In recent years, Europe and the United States have been guided, in terms of fragrances, by the tendency of evocative fragrances. Compositions are looking to shoot some memories, recreating the typical aromas of certain situations. A fragrance with notes of seaweed, salt, wet wood and sand childhoods relived by the sea. Another mixture t, smoky wood, wool and old paper to take us back to those winter evenings in which we discover the infinite possibilities of reading. Beyond, a fragrance rene the fresh aromas of a garden in summer with the enticing aroma of freshly baked cookies or cupcakes.
In that context, not missing a fragrance pruning that goes back to the happy afternoons in the parks of our children. Donna Karan was responsible for giving life in his famous line of scents Delicious, which celebrates the aroma of apples and apple most famous in the world: New York City, the big apple. DKNY Delicious Candy Apples revolves around candy apples sold in the parks, surrounded by fresh notes of lime and subtle sweet fruit accents. Lima, laborers and unobtrusively accompany caribea magnolia, but the base is quite a unique note: Coca Cola. A chord that adds a touch of cinnamon and, mainly, fresh and bubbly personality, capable of printing on the skin the mark of the afternoon sun and the happy carefree Niez.
But the Niez is adolescence. That’s what the creators seem to have thought of Oxbow, the first French company to surf equipment, introducing its fragrance Essence de Surf. The male version of this Eau de Toilette bottle packaged in a heart revolves around fresh lime notes and dynamics, mate, warm sand, wet woods, cannabis and coca cola. A highly evocative perfume teen who, according to some, only missing a note of beer. Curiosities of the wide world of fragrances.

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