Most people have already heard about Military schools and they associate it with delinquents who need a lesson on respect and probably a slap on the wrist or two. People also seem to expect too much from military schools in terms of their rehabilitating and correcting potential, a mistake that can cause more problems for parents and their children in the long run.

One of the most common misconceptions about Military schools is that they can “fix” children. This is not exactly true because:

1. Children are not broken, even if they have problems and are acting out. Calling them “broken” as if a broken television set is very punitive and would likely destroy their self-confidence therefore making their lives more difficult.

2. Military schools are not a “cure all” medicine that parents can force unto their children. Sure, Military schools can teach discipline and respect but parents should understand that respect is earned and the only way to earn respect is to give it.

3. Teens with behavioral and psychological disorders do not belong in a Military School, even if they show signs of oppositional defiant disorder. Military schools are not equipped to handle cases such as teens with suicidal tendencies and ADD and ADHD, there are schools that are specialized to deal with these kinds of cases.

4. Military Schools can only offer a “preemptive” solution. Teens who are just starting down the path of destruction and mayhem are prime candidates for enrollment in a Military school as long as their condition does not include deeper issues. For kids who are in much more complicated situations such as substance addictions and serious criminal activities, the best way to proceed is to consult a psychiatrist, and possibly, the police.

Parents should also consider Military Schools only when their children show no signs of improvement after getting help from professionals such as psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists.

These professionals know what they are doing, and if they recommend that parents try other interventions first then it is a great idea to follow their advice.

Teens with deep seeded psychological and emotional issues who land in Military Schools end up being more troubled than they already were because of the institutions reforming strategies, which is obviously based on military discipline and structure. These mistakes should be avoided at all costs.

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