Many students who go to a Community College normally have a full time job, family, and their own place to live. They normally are not depending on mom and dad for their existence but are self reliant. Some do not have a family but most certainly have their own apartment and place of employment and going to a Community College to help farther their education. This type of student needs a credit card not only to help them with expenses at college but often to help them with personal expenses as well.

Credit Card Choices

The Community College student usually needs an unsecured credit card that they can make monthly payments on and increase their spending limit once they have graduated. The type of card they are interested in usually offers them perks which they can use as they are older and are looking forward to being able to go on vacation or perhaps buy things for their home. This type of card issued by their local lending institution is offered to the student according to their credit score. The limit set for a card that is intended for a Community College student is based on the credit score.

No Credit or Bad Credit

Often Community College students have not had any credit so they do not have a credit score which makes it difficult for a lending institution to set a limit of spending for the student. Then there are some older students who have had difficulty with their credit because of losing their job which makes it harder for them to get a credit card. The lending institutions will normally give them a small spending limit with an open savings account to guarantee the card. This type of card is referred to as a secured credit card.

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