For just an hour drive from New York City and Philadelphia, Monmouth University’s beautiful campus can be found. Your degree in Forensic Nursing can, might as well, be earned here in this university not just because it is beautiful but because it is also regarded as one of the well-respected institutions that offer this post graduate course. The campus’s very small proximity from the famous Atlantic beaches is as famous as its accreditation as a collegiate nursing educator. So if you are a interested to take Forensic Nursing, Monmouth University forensic program may be the perfect degree for you. These nursing programs will actually teach you how to impress potential employers on your knowledge of the latest news in advanced nursing practices. You will not only learn the basics but also gear you up to also reach for leadership positions in the nursing profession.


A lot of nursing alumni who have graduated from Monmouth University have published their research findings and are known not just in the university but also in the field of forensic nursing. There is an choice for Monmouth University forensic program students to take the 12-credit Forensic concentration option. This concentration on forensic nursing has courses in subjects like forensic pathology and histology, as well as psychopathology. The university also offers a 21-credit Forensic Nursing specialization for forensic nurses to be. If you want to get this from Monmouth University, you must complete a clinical component as well as become licensed as either a sexual assault nurse examiner or in medico-legal death investigation. You might also qualify as a Robert Wood Nursing Scholar if you are willing to sign a commitment to serve as a full-time nursing educator in New Jersey’s pre-license programs for three years after graduation.


This is a wonderful opportunity to get a scholarship that can make your dream as a forensic nurse a reality. The Robert Wood scholarship will be in charge of providing full tuition and fees for the Monmouth University forensic program. It also includes a $ 50,000 a year stipend for living expenses while you are striving to earn your degree as a forensic nurse. Monmouth University is a great choice for your continuous education as a registered nurse, whatever option you would take.

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