If you are reading this then you are either about to give birth, just gave birth, or you know someone who is giving birth. If so, this applies to each and every one of you. We are going to go over the importance of confinement after giving birth. There is a reason that you should take this into consideration and take it easy. When you give birth, you are using up a ton of energy. We probably don’t have to tell you this but giving birth is no easy task and will require adequate rest afterwards. It is important to build your energy levels back up before you try to do anything that is strenuous.

If you do anything physical, you risk seriously injuring yourself that could result in a visit to the hospital or permanent damage. Don’t let this scare you though. You can still complete everyday tasks but try to avoid anything that breaks a sweat. This is where that period of confinement comes into play. Get as much rest as you can for a few weeks after giving birth and most employers are obligated to allow this so you will be at peace of mind which is equally important. Mental rest is just as beneficial as physical rest so be sure to get plenty of that as well. Now, what should you avoid?

Try to avoid, as mentioned above, anything that causes you to break a sweat. Don’t lift heavy objects, do a lot of bending or squatting, or anything that will strain your back or abdominal area. These are all stress points so avoid using them too much at all costs. A brisk walk is perfectly fine but running shouldn’t be attempted for at least a couple weeks after giving birth. These are just a few guidelines to follow if you are considering a period of confinement after giving birth so take them in to consideration. They will prove to be very beneficial to you and you’ll thank yourself later. If you need more information, get in touch with other mothers who have used this method and see how it worked for them. They will be able to provide valuable information and get you on the right track. After all, they’ve been there and know how it works so they are the best people to talk to. Good luck and enjoy the much needed rest you will get from confinement!

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