If you are looking for a way to bring the spirit of the season back to your family, you may need to plan a holiday getaway. Instead of becoming mired in all of the usual spending, planning and stress, you can embark on a new family tradition and head on a holiday vacation. There are plenty of ideas for a holiday getaway and all families will find something they love. You may want to head out on an outdoor adventure trip like kayak fishing. You can even give gifts related to the trip like kayak fishing accessories. Your loved ones will learn a new skill and have an experience they will never forget.

Families who are looking for a trip more that are more related to winter and the holidays; consider planning a ski trip with your relatives. If you have family all over the country, you can all meet a ski lodge and have a great holiday celebration. Even family members who do not ski can enjoy a few days of cuddling up by a fire, sipping hot cocoa or eggnog and exchanging family stories. Those who do love to ski can hit the slopes all day and enjoy the experience unlike any other holiday celebration they have had.

If you prefer to escape the cold of winter, the holidays are a great time to head to a warm destination and enjoy a tropical Christmas celebration. You can go to the beach and celebrate the holiday season where it is warm. Some people do not like the surreal feeling of a hot, humid holiday season, but others dislike the cold and snow so much they would be willing to spend a week away in the sunshine. Imagine listening to Christmas carols and exchanging gifts in shorts and a t-shirt without any thoughts of snow or sleet.

Those who no longer live in their hometown may yearn for familiar surroundings more during the holidays than any other time of the year. If you have moved away from family and loved ones, use the holidays as a chance to travel home and see the ones who mean the most to you. Take a few extra days to catch up with everyone and spend some time exploring your old haunts for a truly special experience. A trip back to your hometown is a fun way to enjoy the holiday season, especially if you now have children you can share the experience with.

Finally, if you and your significant other need a chance to relax and spend time alone, the holidays are a great chance to head to a romantic bed and breakfast. Christmas in a small town with quaint charm is a great way to reconnect with the spirit of the season and with each other. If you are looking for a way to relax and unwind for a few days, a trip to a nearby bed and breakfast may be just what you need. Even if you only have a night or so to get away, it can still do wonders after a busy holiday season.

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