Optical character recognition technology has made it convenient to transform scan to word in less than ten seconds. In past this task was achieved with manual typing and the individual had to pay lots of cash only to get the desired results. After some time, there were some software produced to convert scan to word but they were either of low quality tools or not efficient enough to transform large text in minimum time. The time wastage issue was still there. The production of OCR converter has coped with all these issues and now you can change your document from scan to word quickly without spending much time. What is a scan image? A scanned image is a picture produced by scanners from a book or some hard copy and transformed to pixels. A scanned image is actually collection of pixels gathered in a patterned manner. The drawback of this picture is that it cannot be altered, modified of executed by anyone. The OCR scan to word converter actually reads the text available on the image, identifies it and then pastes it to some editable format. In this way, you can have your editable file on your desired destination without any problem. The usage of this scan to word converter is not limited to merely the conversion of scanned image but you can also transform your jpg, jpeg, tiff, bmp, ps of similar other formatted files to any editable format. Its flexibility not only facilitates you to transform all types of images, but it also facilitates you will all type of editable formats as well. These modifiable formats include html, doc text and editable pdf. As far as the usage of this scan to word converter is concerned, it is very easy to utilize this tool.

You just need to follow below mentioned steps. • Install it to your computer • Click on icon and place your file. • Select your desired file format and output destination as well • Click on the convert button and enjoy the ease provided by this outstanding tool The facilities never end here. This tool can also understand all types of language including Hindi, Russian and American and convert it from scan to word


The author gave a vivid illustration how this tool converts the document from scan to word, using apt language.Auther has given complete information to scan to word using OCR software .

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