Cordless vacuum cleaners have been a great innovation that has helped millions of people around the world with their housecleaning. In short, they offer more ways to clean your home in ways that a traditional vacuum couldn’t offer. The biggest advantage is in their name; cordless vacuum cleaners have no cords to worry about! How irritating is it to have to always find a jack to plug your cord into? Have you ever been really focused on your path that you’re about to vacuum, only to discover that the cord doesn’t stretch far enough for where you want to go? And, have you ever had to bend down, unplug the vacuum, take it to another room, and hope that there was a jack in place to plug up the vacuum? This is a serious time waster, and a personal energy drainer!

How cordless vacuums operate, is that it obtains its power from a battery pack. The battery pack is usually plugged into a wall, but cordless vacuums themselves aren’t plugged in. They will have tiny prongs that connect the vacuum to the energy coming from the battery. When the battery indicator lets you know that the battery inside of the vacuum is full, the users can start using their cordless vacuums.

So, in what ways would a buyer use cordless vacuum cleaners? They can certainly use them on carpet, but unlike traditional vacuums, cordless cleaners have a great amount of flexibility. A user can take the vacuum and clean corners, and baseboards. They can clean sofas, and bed mattresses. They can clean off dust from the tops of cabinets, and ceiling fans. They can clean their curtains with them. A user can very easily take their cordless vacuums to other rooms and not have the cord issue to worry about. They can clean their vehicle with them as well.

Another advantage is that cordless vacuums in general can be used on a variety of surfaces. A person can suction up dirt and debris from wooden floors, and other types of flooring. In the past, someone cleaning the floors would have to have a broom, and a dust pan to pick up dirt. Now with cordless vacuum stick models, the vacuum is both the broom, and the dust pan. Cordless cleaners offer an almost ridiculous amount of possibilities for housecleaning.

There are many different models and types on the market. There are the hand-held models that are very small, and not very heavy. There are the stick cordless vacuum cleaners that are very lightweight, and more slender than a traditional vacuum. Most modern cordless cleaners don’t require a bag. The dirt is suctioned up into a cup or compartment that can be dumped in the trash, and wiped down to remove left over dust and debris. Prices for these vacuums can start as low as $ 25.00, and there are advanced models that range past a $ 100.00. Cordless vacuums are a great investment for the person that wants flexibility in their cleaning with compact storage.

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