It is truly noble for a person to be a soldier. But not everyone could risk their lives directly in the battlefield. Luckily, there is a way to be part and serve the military as a civilian. This is not by simply being a good taxpaying citizen as you think it may be. To serve in the military as a civilian will require you to choose and qualify for the numerous CPOL jobs. Don’t worry it is still a very noble deed and it’s quite easy to apply for any of these jobs.


Different Types of CPOL Jobs


There are different kinds of CPOL jobs for civilians which are classified based on the necessary professions. They are classified into different divisions or corps based on the employees’ lines of duty. The following are some of these divisions and their professions:


– Army Medicine Civilian Corps- medical support

– Army Global Network Enterprise- information technology

– United States Army Corps of Engineers- engineering

– Army Contracting Command- contracting

– Army Substance Abuse Program- psychological aid on substance abuse

– Budget and Finance- finance

– Non-appropriated Funds- vital support


All of these jobs, of course, would require you to attain a specific educational milestone.




The education and training for each of these jobs differ from each other. Some of the jobs said above require licensed professionals while some would only require normal graduates. The government would also shoulder a very beneficial program known as the Fellows Program. The Fellows Program would give you the opportunity to study in a university in Texas and study your aspired course.

You will not only study but you will undergo on the job training and internship as well. The great thing about it is you will be paid a full salary as you take part in this training. Not to mention, you would also receive a bonus upon your graduation.




Other than receiving a generous paycheck, you would also gain some of these benefits.


– Since you can be posted in any Army base worldwide, the government would also allow your family to come with you. You will be given a home near your workplace.

– You will also be granted paid holidays, vacations, and sick leaves if you really need it. You can also receive a great retirement program once you retire.

– There are also some wellness and medical benefits with this job.


CPOL jobs are very promising and one of the best in the world. With the enjoyable work and the great benefits that come with it, you’ll definitely have an exciting life if you have any of these jobs.

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