One function offered through outsourcing is data entry. It refers to acquiring outside services from consultants, software houses or service bureaus for systems analysis, programming and data center operations.

It was in 2003 that data entry has been looked at from a different perspective and has been used to refer about jobs given out to other countries such as the Philippines, China and India. It made a phenomenal mark in the industry with its ability to answer services and functions at a very low cost but with a team that are represented by skilled and professional individuals.

The scope of data entry outsourcing is comprised and limited to data conversion, document and image processing, catalog processing services, image enhancement, image editing and photo manipulation services, and more.

For many businesses, data entry is a daily function that is a result of important company decisions as well. It is performed on a regular basis and at a continuous form. Most companies that requires data entry operations are financial institutions, hospitals, lawyers, court houses, oil companies, transportation companies, Ivy League colleges, pharmaceutical companies, universities, publishing companies and more. But among these selections, some are finding data entry to be on a mere temporary basis. Either way, data entry operations are needed to performed at an accurate and efficiency in terms of access.

All these gathered data is considered to be a vital tool for management resource. The availability of such service for a lower cost allowed most companies to store and exploit even the oldest of data and eliminate them from a temporary basis bracket. It has also managed to improve over time, combining it with a digital media advancement which happens to be the most common trend nowadays for countries such as UK, USA, Norway and more.

In this day and age, data entry has become one of the most popular outsourcing task. One good example involves catalog management wherein paper catalogs require handling and maintainance. In such aspect, the function can become time-consuming even costly. It is quite noticeable how product catalogs have become more visible online through digital catalogs. This has made a turn for data entry to be effcient in terms of editing and updating information

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