With the popularity of the internet and the continuous advancement in technology, companies have now learned to outsource services rather than hire full time employees. They save a lot from this as it helps them reduce their operational cost by thousands while getting the same quality of services through competent providers. Now, outsourcing does not just benefit the company but those who seek to make money online. Instead of playing online games why not try to make money instead.

Home based jobs are very popular nowadays as people continuously see the potential of earning more from home as compared to working in an office. You would be able to save a lot from travel expenses and food expenses and work according to your preferred schedule. These savings can easily be converted into earnings, if you get the total sum of what you earn and what you spend every day, you would see just how significant your savings would be.

Now, one of the most popular and highly in demand services of all is the data entry job. Since the arrival of computers and the need to collect information, data entry is now required in all industries. This job is easy and does not require any field of expertise and special equipment, as long as you have a working computer and a reliable internet service, you are sure to make money online.

Data Entry Job Description

With data entry, your job would be to transcribe some information from one form into another form and it usually involved computer and typing. Some of these forms are handwritten documents that you would have to input into a datasheet for a more organized and easy viewing and reference. Some companies would give you files online which you have to arrange in a sequence of their choice.

Others would ask you to extract information from one of their data bases and rearrange them according to availability or in alphabetical form, highest to lowest, lowest to highest, etc. Basically, you just have to enter information in accordance to the company’s requirement. Here are your basic tasks:

a) Input existing data from a source document to another in a format preferred by the employer

b) Compile, sort and verify data before you enter them into the final sheet

c) Locate as many errors in the existing data and eliminate them from the final draft

d) Keep log of all activities including works that you have completed

Data Entry Job Requirement and Qualifications

Your job may be either full time or part time and you can work remotely from home or from an office whichever you prefer. Now, as for the requirement and qualifications, basically anyone can do data entry jobs from home. Educational background could as basic as a High school diploma as long as you have the ability to type accurately and fast. You need to have Basic English knowledge in order to spot errors such as spellings, grammars and punctuations. Of course you would need basic knowledge in excel, conversion processes, basic computer and internet skills.

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