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Debt forgiveness – how does it work? Why does it work? These are the topics of this informative article. We also offer resources at the end of this article for getting started with a debt forgiveness program.

Negotiating debt is not a new concept. Dating back thousands of years, it was known biblically as debt forgiveness. We’re talking debt forgiveness that was practiced in the times of Moses and Noah. Think about that: mind-boggling isn’t it? Debt forgiveness is not new, my friend. Is as old as antiquity. Today, debt forgiveness occurs when creditors such as credit card debt and medical bills forgive a portion of a person’s debt.

The economic crash has caused nearly unprecedented hardships for working class America.¬†Unable to make regular payments on their credit, borrowers were in need of a solution; the result was the development of debt forgiveness programs aimed at freeing debtors from financial prisons. We needn’t go there in today’s society. Fortunately, cooler heads have prevailed. Today, debt forgiveness is something that can be typically negotiated between a debt relief provider that negotiates on behalf of consumers and small businesses.

Debt Forgiveness Now

Debt forgiveness is quickly becoming a more popular option for people who want to get rid of large amounts of debt.

The program is also a win-win situation for both parties. Consumers and small business are able to significantly and dramatically reduce their debt burden without the use of loans or bankruptcy. Creditors are able to recoup a portion of what is owed. So as we have shown, debt forgiveness and debt forgiveness programs are an essential part of our economy.

As we have said, credit card debt and medical bills are two types of debt that typically qualify for a debt forgiveness program. Other debt eligible for a debt forgiveness program in most cases includes debt from department store cards, utility bills, personal loans, and judgments. In fact, millions of Americans have already benefited from these programs to get out of debt and get on with their lives.

To learn more about debt forgiveness and how to get started, please visit National Debt Relief Initiative.

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