Karl Rove has been an official who has always worked behind the screen silently. A few days back, Karl Rove declared that he would give resignation from his designation of a Senior Advisor, and Deputy Chief of Staff to President Bush. He is planning to go back to his private life.

When it comes to resignation of Rove, it becomes quite interesting to listen to what others say about his departure. Here is a brief report of the responses that he got from the Democrat presidential contenders:

John Edwards

Democrat presidential Hopeful and Former Senator, John Edwards launched an announcement on his website about Rove’s departure. This statement says, “Goodbye, good riddance.”

Well, that sounds like a very funny remark. Nobody anticipated such a comment from a presidential contender. Has Edwards ever done anything apart from passing such childish statements?

Senator Barack Obama

He said, “Karl Rove was an architect of a political strategy that has left the country more divided, the special interests more powerful, and the American people more shut out from their government than any time in memory. But to build a new kind of politics, it will take more than the departure of a man or even an Administration that constructed the old it will take a movement of everyday Americans committed to changing Washington and reclaiming their government.”

It seems that Obama thought that Rove’s resignation is not a time to offer any substance.
His declaration actually does not say anything. His declaration is based on large generalizations regarding Rove and American politics that is quite popular with the left.

Nobody was able to find any remark by Senator Hillary Clinton about departure of Rove.

Everyone is astonished how to clarify this peace on Clinton’s part.

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