Want to become a professional in the field of dental hygiene? Well, it’s an ambitious goal. The career of dental hygienist is one of those that need excellent background education. And mind that all the theoretical knowledge you gain during your dental hygienist courses will come in handy in future. Dental hygienists perform a very challenging job, that’s why they have to be well educated. So are you ready to work for your future success?

Colleges and universities offer several dental hygienist programs. Degrees in dental hygiene differ in length of educational program and core courses. To be more specific, let’s look at all possible dental hygienist programs in detail.

Certificate in Dental Hygiene
The minimum requirement for dental hygienist license is a certificate or associate’s degree in dental hygiene. A lot of US based colleges and universities offer 2-3 year certificate program. The curriculum consists of core courses, such as anatomy, nutrition, microbiology etc. Dental hygienist students usually undergo their internship in nursing homes, community health centers or dentists’ offices. Those who have certificate in dental hygiene can continue their education and go for Bachelor’s degree program.

Associate’s Degree in Dental Hygiene
You may enter community or technical college to get an associate degree in dental hygiene. It is also enough to become a licensed dental hygienist. Associate degree in dental hygiene is a 2-year course. This program for dental hygienists comprises general subjects such as liberal arts, humanities, social and natural sciences. During the final year you will have some theoretical and practical classes to get ready for your future work. From that point on, you may start looking for practice and employment as dental hygienist. Or you may proceed with your studies.

Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene
Bachelor’s degree program will take you 4 years. During the first years of studying for this degree in dental hygiene your curriculum will consist of general subjects. You’ll study social sciences, math, liberal arts. Over the next two years of dental hygienist education the students get acquainted with dental hygiene subjects. You’ll be focused on dental anatomy, preventative and oral health care, oral pathologies, etc. Bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene is for ambitious students who want a really successful dental hygienist career. To fulfill your ambitions 2-year course in not enough. Bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene offers the opportunity to take part in research, educational and health programs in addition to clinical practice.

Master’s Degree in Dental Hygiene
You may decide on further dental hygienist education and go for Master’s degree program. Master’s degree in dental hygiene offers you the opportunity to become a researcher, administrator or educator. It will take you another 2 years after the Bachelor’s degree program. You will get a profound knowledge in dental hygiene and some additional subjects. During this program the students will be engaged into both research and practice.

With so many options you can easily choose the program to your taste . You can choose it according to your skills, character and ambitions. So go on, start working for your future success!

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