In this modern world customers expect accounting services that keeps on updating with their desires and needs that are simple, yet offer high versatility and allows them to have an immediate status. To make your accounting more easy, effective and flexible, Numia has released earlier this month the most requested option, designing own invoice template.

For running your business carrying an invoice on hand is the most important component involved. In this design world, it is better for a company or organization to send you a check for the completed work only after youve invoiced them. If you fail to bill them, then it would take very long time to get paid. A precise, easy to read invoice with all the necessary information will definitely help you get paid in a timely manner.
A Proper Invoice Format should have the following fields :

1. Your company name and contact information
2. Customers name and Address
3. Invoice Number
4. Itemized breakdown
5. Total amount
6. Terms
7. Tax
8. Deduction (optional)

This invoice designer allows users to create their own template like personalizing customer name, fields, invoice date, invoice number, tax, due date. It also has option to add style with background color and can upload users company logos or images. You can keep your invoice template personal by just marking it as Private. By making your template public any registered user can use your template.

Numia is a free online accounting software for small business, individuals and freelancers that records and processes transactions. This Software provides an easy way to keep users accounts information online with reliable and secured data transfer.

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