This past Saturday, some brave Christian Singles Washington DC residents weathered the storm for a chance to meet each other. 

Despite the approaching hurricane, the Washington, D.C. based social organization, Professionals in the City, decided not to cancel plans for their Christian singles speed dating event.  There were a little over forty people already signed up for the event, and even more singles showed up at the door of the Chi Cha Lounge in downtown Washington to participate in the event.

When the event started, wind conditions were mild, rain was coming down softly, and weather forecasts were showing that the storm was weakening as it made its way up the East coast.  Twenty nine year old Allison told one of Pros in the City’s Christian Singles Washington DC staff members that, “I got through traffic quicker than I ever have in D.C.. I have been anticipating this night all week, so I was not planning on missing out!” 

Overall, attendance was just as good as any “nice” night of the week (without Hurricane Irene in the midst).  A customer service agent for the company told us that people were e-mailing and calling all throughout day to make sure that the meet Christian singles event was not cancelled.  “We rarely cancel an event, and we post on our website and e-mail/call everyone in the unusual event that we for some reason do call it off.  Still, some people called more than once to let us know they would still come if it was storming.  We never want to put our customers in danger; the weather reporters said Irene was slowing down therefore we saw no reason to cancel.” 

Companies like Pros in the City pay venues ahead of time for the number of seats that are booked, so they run the risk of being charged more fees for cancelling reservations at the last minute.  The Christian Singles Washington DC customers are some very determined people to meet other singles in the area.  If Professionals in the City would have cancelled their event, they probably would have organized their own out of their strong will to socialize with one another.

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