One of the most critical roles of a leader is the most obvious – the ability and willingness to take the lead and to motivate the team to follow. This article will explore this vital role in more detail and how your leadership role can be developed outside of your work place.

Generally speaking everyone falls into one of three categories:

1. People who make things happen

2. People who watch things happen, and,

3. People who ask “What happened?”

The role of a leader is to make things happen. A leader is the person, who not only develops the skills and abilities to make things happen, but makes them part of their lifestyle. The role of a leader plays out, not only in the work environment, but in every area of life. A leader takes the lead at work, at home, with family, in their church, in their community, and often this is in a volunteer position. Leaders are the ones who step up to the plate and do what it takes to get the results that are needed.


Developing Leadership skills is an important part of the success of your career. Sometimes experience and training is not available to you through work. By becoming part of an association or organization outside of work you can create a positive learning environment for your professional development. You can get hands on experience by jumping in and volunteering in your local community. Being part of a volunteer organization can give you practical opportunities to take a leading role. In a relatively safe environment there are many opportunities to learn, develop, and practise leadership skills.

A friend of mine became involved as part of the leadership team at a local association. As a direct result of her experience with a non-profit organization, she was promoted at work. The responsibility of working with a large non-profit client was given to her, because of the skills developed and her experience that she obtained, by being involved in a voluntary leadership position.

Leaders are made, not born. By actively taking up the role of a leader as part of your lifestyle, not just at work, you will be continually developing your leadership skills and abilities. When an opportunity for new responsibilities, or promotion opens up, you will be ready, as you have already have experience and expertise in leadership that you can bring to the table

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