There are different types of business Phone Systems that are being used all over the world by majority of small and large corporations, firms, companies and businesses. Generally, these include KSU less systems, PBX systems, Key Systems, PBX and Key System Hybrids. These systems are the most popular brands and are most usable systems. They are highly reliable and economical. These systems are separated due to the different many features each system contains.

KSU less system is ideally recommended for those business firms and corporations, which have less than 10 employees. The reason for it is due to the presence of only 10 extensions. If any company or organization needs a business phone system which should has more features and which has more than 10 employees, then they should go for other systems available in the market like PBX systems. The KSU systems are affordable and cheaper as compared to PBX and Key systems. These systems have many features like cost effectiveness. They can be installed very easily and efficiently. You can unplug them very easily and bring with you anywhere you go, as they are potable.

The second most popular system is PBX system, which has more than 40 extensions. They are specially designed to cater the needs of large organizations and multi-national enterprises as they can be served to the companies and multinational companies which have more than 40 employees. Before these phone systems used to be very expensive but in recent years, these systems dropped down their prices and become affordable for medium sized organizations as well. These systems are compact in size and they need small space to be installed. They have more features as compared to KSU systems due to which these systems are most famous than KSU systems.

Key systems have different types in them as they have five to forty extensions and five to forty employees can work with these systems. But they are not flexible as compared to the PBX systems.

PBX and Key system Hybrid system is the amalgam of PBX and Key system and you can function both PBX and Key system in this system after installation of certain softwares.

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