When companies pay people for their feedback about the products or when people are asked certain quantitative details, it is called a survey. When distances and locations are mapped and measured it is called a survey, as per the subject of geography. While aerial photography is conducted from a flying aeroplane or a helicopter to take the ground view of the earth, the term is also used and it called as aerial survey. Depending on the field of activity in which it is used, the word survey has different implications. Some of the activities in which a survey might be done are quantitative research, geography, earth sciences, construction and mining, archaeology, academia, astrology and organizational matters. Quantitative research, geography, earth sciences, construction and mining, archaeology, academia, astrology and organizational matters are some areas in which a survey might be done.

Some useful example in regards policy and service of the library are mentioned below.

How many times you visit your local library. What are the facts you come to know of when you come to the library? How well is the librarian able to help you? What kind of help are you able to get from the librarian? Is the librarian able to provide you with satisfactory replies? Are the answers that you get from the librarian acceptable to you? In order to pinpoint the publications and source materials how helpful is the computer in the library? What is the percentage of successful attempts at locating a particular book or set of materials with the help of the library’s computer systems? you need to visit the library for a number of times to access internet. Of the times that you visit the library for accessing the internet , do you find some time to visit the department of children located in your public library. How competent do you find the audio and video resources in your local library in its children department. You can inform us regarding the things that you want to change and also report us things that you liked. Suggestions given by visitors will be of high importance to us regarding the betterment of the local library. The above are some of the common questions asked when survey for a library is conduced.

If the survey is conducted to find out how satisfied a consumer is with regard to a particular item, then the questions usually asked of him are given below. Please mention the promptness with which your service request was attended. Was your service request given due consideration and importance? An attitudinal survey is a type of survey that helps us understand the reactions and responses of a particular person in a certain situation. The time taken by the tutor to get himself ready is the main issue to be considered in this type of survey. Other mattes, which are important, in this case are preparations of your students, class timings, their discipline, involvement of individual or groups etc. Another type of survey, which is conducted in the USA, is mental health.

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