We often think of giving our homes or rooms a makeover and think of what new furniture we could add or replace or new accessories need to be added and what re modeling needs to be done. We usually do not realize that a simple change in the room’s settings and a fresh coat of paint and colors is all that needs to be changed.
Painting a room can do wonders to it. Experimenting with colors, patterns and utensils can give the feel of a completely new place to one without getting into the trouble of bringing about major changes and amendments and spending loads of money. However, many of us are not too handy at doing a paint job. Here are a few tips and pointers that might prove to be helpful when working on a paint job.
A simple job becomes hectic and stressful if the all the tools and equipments are not available or at reach during the work. You are bound to enjoy painting more if you get together all your helping equipment in the beginning. So, always organize your tool table in the middle of the area you’ll be working in, loaded with your paint, brushes, rollers, rags, paint can opener, and drop cloths etc.
Painting a room is bound to end up as a disaster if all the work is started at the same time and aimed to be completed within a day. Remember, the task is not as easy as it seems so it is advisable to break it down into smaller portions over a minimum of two day period. Do not at all try to get everything done within a day. The day before the painting day can be used to gather or move any furniture, patch up all the cracks and holes, and cover up any wall and ceiling lights with bulbs removed with big enough plastic bags or sheets.
Since none of us are real professional painters so it is a good advice to not take risks and cover up anything that cannot be removed. It may seem that it is a very easy job to paint around door knobs or cabinet hinges, but actually it is not, unless of course you are an extremely experienced painter. One is almost always bound to get drips around. So, keep at hand some zip top bags and try to remove all possibly removable cabinet knobs and hinges, door knobs, light switch plates and outlet covers, and light fixtures. It is also a good practice to keep all the pieces together in separate bags and mark its contents and location to avoid hassles and misplacing when putting them back on.
Painting can be a very dirty job if it gets to that. No matter how neat and clean you try to be, it will definitely get to drips or in cases spillage of paint on whatever you’re wearing. So, as a precaution always take off all jewelry and wear clothes that are comfortable and not in use anymore. Caps or scarves and Slip-on shoes are easy to take off if you need to leave the room are a must too.

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