Recently, the phenomenon of being hired actually is deeply concerned by most people. More and more university graduates complain that graduation doesn’t equate to ensure other’s employment. They experience great difficulties in finding satisfactory jobs. The unemployment of graduates has become a hot spot and even a difficulty to the whole society. As far as I’m concerned, such situation must due to many reasons in different aspects.

The vital reason may be that the graduates are lack of experience. They spend most of their time at school in studying academic subjects and lack relevant job training. Only after graduation do they realize that it is hard to find jobs. As to this question, I think the graduates should try their best to accumulate relevant work experience when they are in school. They can take part in some social activities and provide themselves with special training if possible. If they have improved their own personalities, they will be more competitive and be suit for this society.

Another important reason is that a large number of graduates are not willing to go to the poor areas or work in a small company and get a low salary in return. On the contrary, they want to go to urban because they consider they are rich in talent and they should bring their intelligence into play perfectly. Our country has a large population. What it lacks is not labor but the labor of talent. It has no fault in letting children to receive higher education and become a man of high quality. Of cause, to support the children with all the family’s energy and financial resources and to hope that they can get a satisfactory job as well as a glorious prospect is also not wrong. Unfortunately, the fact is that to find a suitable position is so difficult though the talented people of high quality are in urgent need in our country. Because of the knowledge the graduates study in the school is inflexible, they lack creativity and innovation what the society really in need of. In view of such problems, the graduates should remain the states of optimistic and be positive towards life. There are amount of ways to realize their own value. They shouldn’t only focus on huge cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, but also western poor areas to support the education. There are strong needs for knowledgeable young people who want to make contributions.

Meanwhile, the financial crisis broke out suddenly in 2008. The economy here is severed because of the worldwide financial crisis. Therefore, less employment is available and it becomes quite hard for graduates to get hired. Nevertheless, the international financial crisis is pregnant with new chance. The government should take measures to promote employment and graduates are suggested to get higher education like a master degree to avoid the bad situation of financial difficulties.

The society is full of challenges and competition; the graduates should choose a right position which is suitable for them. Moreover, they should attach more importance to accumulating experience than to enhancing their starting salary.

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