People who are interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) will need to adhere to official basic nursing practices and principles. They will often also be responsible for providing health care assistance to patients who are in need of full time bedside care.

Those interested in this profession should possess a love and a desire to help people who are vulnerable. It is a challenging career but, due to its nature, also extremely rewarding. The first step to become apart of this profession, is to find a college or an institution that offers a CNA course.

In many cases of course, examination and tuition fees will have to be paid for by the individual. However, there are some institutions that offer the option of free classes. Of course, this offer does come with a condition; requiring the students to enter into a contract of employment with them which can last up to a year.

The training courses, in essence, can be fairly simple. This is because the syllabus consists heavily of a basic working knowledge of health care principles and techniques. Given that the material is so simple however, many people have been known to neglect their classes. However, some institutions will terminate a student for a poor attendance record, so this really should be avoided.

The tutors will teach numerous basic principles and techniques about the field; from as simple requirements as washing your hands frequently with anti-bacterial soap, to maintaining blood pressure, heart rate and medication records. Emphasis will also be placed on making reports to the supervising professional on duty.

Each course which will last about six months to a year, and will include practical learning through clinical time. Clinical time will demand that potential CNAs be placed in facilities such as hospitals and long term care facilities. This will have the impact of teaching the students how and what to do in these environments.

When the course has ended, the institution will administer a certified examination. This will be made up of two distinct sections. The first of these will entail the answering of multiple choice questions; which tests the student’s ability to undertake basic nursing practices. The second section is a practical test; which will test the student’s ability to perform basic actions; like turning over a patients bed, completing temperature checks and checking collated medical data.

Upon successful completion of the course and passing the examination, the student will become a Certified Nursing Assistant. With such a qualification, it will be possible to build a career in many places and, should the desire be there, build upon it to progress further in the medical sector.

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