You are about to change your dedicated hosting provider or about to choose a new service to start a website. You are in front of millions of web hosting offers, as it is normal in this market and the choice becomes very difficult.
Modern storage systems are the preferred choice by companies of web hosting: allows to host several terabytes of data by lowering the cost per GB. Today, many shared hosting accounts are equipped with centralized storage systems behind. Hence also offer a growing number of GB per account.
Today, we are going speak about two things that are very popular with readers and those who choose hosting solutions for website:
Web Space: Understood as the disk space you have available, in MB or GB to host all your files.
Monthly Bandwidth: How many GB of bandwidth you can make with your web hosting plan, which more simply means how many people you can accommodate such requests, providing them with all the contents of your website.
There are two important voices in the world of web hosting weigh a lot because all of us are always interested in increasing the available space to publish new information on the website or file full-bodied: there are websites that publish photos, video and others who post all this, contributes to increasing the space required.
When you find a range of web hosting, you must first understand what is included in the web space. Many dedicated hosting providers indicate that web space is included in all: the space used by mailboxes but also used for databases. This means that compared to a 2 GB of web space you can know that you have to divide it among the various services and then you cannot consider those to upload files and pages.
Other companies do nothing rather than assigning a share for the “WEB” and allocate only the publication of the file, you can have for example 1 GB for the web, then 10 boxes of 250 MB (with space counted externally) and 2 databases MySQL 50 MB each (always counted externally).
The web space cannot be offered in a particular quality with respect to another: some web hosting providers, however, using discs more quickly and this can affect the final cost of the GB included in the offer and as well as targets in the quality and supply of web hosting, it may be related to the technology used to deliver web hosting plans.
Experience teaches us that customers are always looking for the offer with more disk space, sacrificing even to other important parameters. This should not happen, in fact, most websites can use values of disk space (unless you already have a website and are familiar with your use of Web, mail and database). Start with a minimum value and sufficient disk space and make sure your web hosting provider allow to upgrade to more storage space in the future.
Make short, you can request a plan with more resources without having to do anything, including downtime of your website.

Pravin Ganore is an IT expert at ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. He specially writes about hosting services that includes Cloud Computing Services, Turnkey Solutions, Data Center Services, Software Hosting, Core Banking, Cloud Hosting, and etc.

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