Apple iPhone are launching a new game from Cave Software. The game are available from Apple applications software with the name Dodonpachi Resurrection. Its on-the-shelf price is £5.49 but lucky people purchasing the product before the 129th August can own it for only £2.99.


This came is a typical ‘shoot em up’ game which seems to be dominating the market at present and Dodonpachi Resurrection is going to be joining this large number of games.


The floor or possible the excellence of this game is that it can only be places on high tech devices such as the iPhone 4. Even the iPhone 3 or touch would not be able to cope with the speed of this game. Due to the style of the came the game need a large amount of memory due to the game having to remember or log bullets and other explosive devices on the game.


Although this game is one of the cheaper options on the Apple applications it does come with a lot of recommendation from gaming lovers.


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