The medical assistant salary is driven by elementary factors such as training, experience and location. If one only sports a diploma or certificate in this field, his or her earnings obviously are much less than one with an associate or bachelors degree. The reason for the imbalanced scale is due to the fact that diploma or certificate programs tend to only cover aspects of direct relation to the medical assistants duties. As such, the scope of ones knowledge is narrower thus explaining the shorter duration of completion. Degree programs cover the basics as well as general education requirements to ensure the individual is better equipped to carry out his role as a professional in the field.

Although the medical assistant is confined to general duties, obtaining further training to work in specialized areas of medical treatment obviously entail more favorable figures for a medical assistant salary. As they are trained and permitted to carry out specific treatments onto patients upon doctors instructions, they garner a wealth of experience in their employment portfolio. Often times, they become the doctors personal assistant and perform all the non-consequential tasks before the doctor takes over. In making themselves more marketable, they have better grounds in negotiating pay increases. If there is an opportunity to move to other employers, this also presents a chance for a better package.

These professionals either work in the public sector or private practice. Wages differ in accordance to the establishment as public hospitals may have a lower average rate with an overall better package. Private hospitals which pay more tend to attract the better trained and more experienced individuals. Although clinics do not pay a high medical assistant salary, they operate at more reasonable hours thus allowing the staff to have a life after work. Working in a larger city often entails more attractive income and opportunities to build experience as the doctors personal assistant. They may serve as stepping stones to transition to other career opportunities in the medical arena.

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