Dorothy Perkins is a popular British women’s clothing retailer, which is based in the United Kingdom. They have over 600 stores in the UK and have even reached other shores with over 50 international outlets.

For those home buddies, you can conveniently shop online at their brilliant website, the great news is that all their stock in their stores are updated weekly, while their online inventory is updated daily – no easy task when you see how many lines they have, in a huge range of colours and sizes!

The website offers brand sizes 6 to 22; they have a variety of collections for girls and women of all age and sizes, from Tall, Petite, Maternity, Lingerie, Shoes and Accessories. No matter where you are going and what you will be doing, they will have something to suit you in stock.

DP prides itself in affordable feminine fashion and a great shopping experience, and have won numerous awards, such as, Best Workwear during the 2010 Cosmopolitan awards, and Highly commended e-tailer blog during the Blog Awards 2010.

They was founded in 1909 and were well known for their lingerie, tights, and sleepwear collections; its other clothes had a hard time competing with the more trendy Lewis Separates, now owned by River Island Clothing Company Ltd, and Peter Robinson. Today, the product line of Dorothy Perkins include, Jerseys, (one jersey is sold every two seconds) Tops, Knitwear, Coats, Denim, Tailoring, shoes, accessories and even jewelry. Shoe sizes in the UK are from 3-8, some styles are offered in a size 9.

The company’s reward schemes and incentives are very popular among its loyal customers, these schemes includes birthday vouchers and 20% off on very important days of the year.

Given their success, Dorothy Perkins also has given back in many ways. They have a number of charities and in one project raised funds to plant nearly 100,000 trees since May of 2007. This was accomplished by selling limited edition clothing, which their customers eagerly took up.

Shopping online is both easy and enjoyable; there are sales and offers available that should get you excited to shop! It is also very easy to be updated with their offers since Dorothy Perkins has its own Facebook and twitter account too!

The page on our website Dorothy Perkins has a great range of shoes and boots and this page helps keep you updated on all of the latest offers and promotions.Happy Shopping (online of course!)
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