Down payment assistance is a big topic for homebuyers across the country today due to the housing crash in recent years and the stringent rules governing mortgage products and what is and what is not allowed. The rules have changed folks and it is not as easy it used to be to buy a home with no money down and that is why I am covering a great program that my bank offers that does allow some relief for and the ability to buy a home with no money down, We call it the NHF.

NHF which stands for the National Homebuyers Fund was established in 2002 to stimulate and expand homeownership opportunities across the nation. NHF is a non-profit public benefit corporation and instrumentality of government under Internal Revenue Service code section 115. This program grows out of the significant benefits of homeownership for families and individuals in cities, counties and communities in which they live.

Ok so we know that thousands of families and individuals who can qualify for a mortgage loan may still need assistance to reach the dream of homeownership with a Down payment assistance program. NHF’s goal is to meet the needs of today’s homebuyers through the development and management of various homeownership programs. Each program offers a unique source of assistance, whether that is down payment and/or closing cost assistance and the great thing about NHF is it follows standard mortgage loan underwriting guidelines. So, if you qualify for the mortgage, you can qualify for this program.

So, what is it you ask, well let’s go over the basics of it and if you are interested in getting more information, give me a call and I will be glad to get you going. First, the program is sponsored here in Colorado which is one of the very few states that offer it and the loans are originated through our Bank and Serviced with a nationally known Bank here in Colorado as well.

The section of the NHF I want to go over with you today is our NHF Platinum program, this program is a first mortgage program with a DPA which means Down Payment Assistance Grant. Yes I said Grant, that means it is given to you. With this program there is not a first time homebuyer requirement or minimum borrower contribution, so if you have already bought a house in the past, you can still use this program. And you do not need to contribute any of your own money like some of the other grants out there.

So how much can you get? Well with this program, you get 5% of the total first loan amount, so if you buy a house for two hundred thousand dollars, you get ten thousand toward down payment and closing costs, pretty nice huh. Oh and this is not a grant that becomes a second lien. Even nicer! Now the first mortgage programs that this is eligible with are, thirty year fixed rate loans that are conventional Fannie Mae, FHA, VA and USDA. All of these loans have different down payment requirements so we can talk about the one that best fits your needs when you call. With this program, you will need a 640 minimum FICO score or a 740 if you are using Fannie Mae, which you should know all about if you have signed up for my 12 steps to homeownership series on this site and your Debt to Income should be at or below 45%.

Ok, last thing and I am done for today on this program, you must live in the house if you want to take advantage of this, no rentals allowed or vacation homes and there is an income earning limitation. Don’t worry, if you have additional questions as I said, call me and I can address them. That covers the basics and as always, keep coming back to for great home buyer and homeowner information.
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