Flat roofs are one of the most affordable roofing options for your home. They are much quicker and easier to install than pitched roofing and this means less cost and disruption for you and your family.

What is a flat roof?

Flat roofs are mostly horizontal with just a very slight incline to allow water to run away freely. Traditionally flat roofs were made using a tar and gravel based finish which was reasonably water and weather resistant. However as the roof aged it was prone to sagging which caused dips to form in the surface. This allowed water to pool and become trapped against the tar and gravel finish, which was sufficient enough to cause leaking. These traditional surfaces also tended to fail in colder climates as ice and snow blocked the flow of water from the roof and caused sagging and leaking.

Modern flat roofs are made using much more resistant and durable materials. Waterproof membranes are used which are less prone to sagging and much more resistant to pools of standing water. These membranes are typically applied as a continuous sheet but they can also be fitted together with special sealants to allow for multiple sheets to be bonded into one piece. This is useful if the flat roof space has any additional structures that need to be worked around. Metal flat roofing is also available which is more expensive but forms a very durable and weather resistant finish. These sealed metal flat roofs are constructed using solid interlocking panels of copper or tin that are soldered together.

The Versatility of Flat Roofs

One of the main benefits of flat roofs is that they allow for much more functional use of compact modern living spaces. With a flat roof you not only maximize the space inside the house but also outside as well. Flat roofs can be designed to be strong enough to use as additional living spaces and this means you could have a roof top garden or terrace. This is ideal in built up urban areas where ground space is at a premium making it very difficult for homeowners to afford a property with a ground level garden. If you are going to have a roof garden then the flat roof will have to be designed to withstand traffic.

Flat roofs can be very sensitive to movement which can cause cracks or punctures to occur in the membrane. This will then damage the roof and cause it to leak. However you can protect and strengthen the roof for human traffic by building a strong structure over the membrane such as a wooden deck or paving. You could also use a layer of topsoil and grass, but make sure you do not plant anything with invasive root systems that could penetrate the membrane (keep all plantings in pots).

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