An attorney is a person who has undergone a thorough training in the field of law and has apt knowledge regarding the legal ramifications that can be involved in any such case. He is a person who has the license to represent a person in the court and deal with his case with the application of proper advocacy and verbal skills.

An attorney can practice law in the general field or he can specialize in any particular field. For an instance, a divorce attorney is the legal representative who specializes in the field of divorce cases. Nevertheless, all attorneys have a few basic guidelines to follow. The major duties of an attorney are given as follows:

Duties towards the law – An attorney is one of the most noteworthy people who are concerned in a legal system. He needs to follow the legal regulations and hence cannot take part in frivolous cases. It is his responsibility to inform the legal officials if he finds any of his fellow-attorneys breaking any regulation.

Duties towards the court – Attorneys are officers of a court. They have a few duties to fulfill when it comes to a scenario inside a courtroom. A court follows etiquette and a code of conduct. An attorney must conform to these regulations. He must convey verbal testimonials regarding a case in front of a judge, clearly stating the case details with precision.

Duty towards a client – It is a major duty of an attorney to make sure that his client is getting all that he is must get, as per the legal system. He must implement a strong communication with his client and make him feel comfortable. It is the duty of an attorney to make his client understand the predicaments that are involved in his case. He must provide plenty of information regarding the development of a case and must provide him/ her with his frank opinions. A client must be up to date about his case.

Practically, there are a lot many responsibilities that an attorney needs to fulfill. A court case is never an easy thing to deal with. Expert advice and information is required and only a professional lawyer can help provide you with that.

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