Eddie bravo is a world famous jiu jitsu fighter staying in the US. He is popular for his wrestling and also as a fantastic teacher of his craft. Keeping in mind the convenience his fans, he has released several DVD s from which they can learn his craft. In this article, you will get to take a detailed look at the Twister DVD which has contributed to his fame.

Eddie Bravo DVD:

The twister DVD looks complicated at the first go. But it is Eddie Bravos mastery of his craft that makes the moves so simple that the viewer can easily learn them. He has used the moves during many tournaments that he has won.

This DVD has actually been made on the basis of the book Mastering the Twister. It is actually Eddie Bravo DVD set. The set of Eddie Bravo DVDs lays out the techniques of fighting that have been so uniquely devised by him.

In this Eddie Bravo DVD set, he teaches people not to give ones back to the opponent. These techniques are exclusively of this man and they are not taught anywhere else. The only 2 sources from which you can learn these are: his academy 10th planet jiu jitsu and the other one is his DVDs.

In this DVD set, another technique to learn consists of the mount and the back mount. For illustration of the technique consider this: the fighter might climb his enemys hips at the time of the mount and during the back mount he may mount on his opponents waist region.

The criticisms against Eddies techniques:

Some people criticize that the techniques that are taught by Eddie Bravo cannot be implied during a fight. However, this criticism is totally baseless. You can of course force your opponent in the position during a fight. Techniques like back back control, locking your opponents legs etc are all very easy and can be used to knock off your opponent at the time of the fight.

You need to grasp the basics of this form of martial arts and then learn the advanced techniques from the DVDs. Otherwise you will not be able to follow that well and your knowledge of it will remain superficial. Especially you need to see the basics of leg position for the arm bars; the triangles should be learnt properly before you go on to the advanced techniques. This is because otherwise these postures have not been layed out clearly.

If you look at the book from which this CD has been inspired, you will find that it is made of very colorful pictures, detailed explanation of the techniques and explanations of alternate angles are also provided (wherever it is required).

Like Eddie Bravo DVD s there is another DVD set of Braulio Estima. He also teaches the techniques of ground fighting through a set of DVDs. Braulio Estima is another world famous jiu jitsu fighter. lots of people have benefitted from his DVDs and positive Braulio Estima DVD reviews have come up.

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