Many people are taking advantage of the poor economic environment by enrolling in schools to improve their job prospects. It’s especially important that mothers have the tools to be able to care for their families. Earning a grant can lead to obtaining an important degree that can help land the perfect job for you. It should be no surprise that communications and technology are areas that are steadily rising in importance. Digital and wireless capabilities continue to advance, and new technology is being developed constantly. There are sizable teams that are needed to produce these tools as well as people to provide assistance in using them. According to some estimates, there will be increased demand for computer software engineers. Analysts for network systems and data communications are also expected to be important careers. A second area where analysts believe jobs will open up is health and medicine. Doctors and nurses are the typical professions that people think of, but there are many more available. Hospitals and clinics will be seeking therapists and assistants as well as athletic trainers. Addiction and behavioral counselors are also important careers. There are many fields that don’t require a medical degree but rather specialized training are specific coursework. Many trusted resources expect plenty of job opportunities in the future although there may be more months of few possibilities before then. A number of industries and service areas could see growth in the rebounding economy. All of the jobs in these growing areas will require the proper education. If you’re a mother, you may think your chance has passed but there are programs tailored just for you. Moms of all kinds can benefit from the Scholarships for Moms program started by President Obama. By making it easier to get as much as $ 5,000 for their education, the administration is trying to encourage eager women to go back to school or even to go for the first time. It’s an important step in helping moms earn the degrees they need. The Obama scholarships for moms are giving many women the chance to educate themselves and to provide for their families. Universities and junior colleges all around the country have worthy programs of study for all kinds of interests. If you’re seeking an education then don’t give up. There are many avenues for you to explore.

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Terry Third Thursday – April 2014

Allison Karl O’Kelly is the founder of Mom Corps and an award-winning entrepreneur. Mom Corps is a WBENC certified professional talent acquisition and career development firm.

Since founding the company in 2005, O’Kelly has become a sought-after expert in workplace flexibility. She has been recognized in national media outlets and honored by the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women program and the Working Mother and more.

Before founding Mom Corps, O’Kelly was in a fast-track management program at Toys “R” Us, where she had various roles including launching the original website and running an million store. She began her career in public accounting at KPMG Peat Marwick. She received her MBA from Harvard Business School and her BBA in Accounting from the University of Georgia. Allison is a CPA, licensed in Georgia, and the mother of three little boys who appreciate their mom’s flexible schedule.
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