There are many different educational Halloween games that can be used to entertain kids and educate kids in the lead up to Halloween. Kids love to have fun at Halloween and they love to play games. But that doesn’t mean that the games are just for fun. There are games that are also educational.

These games are ideal for school and can be used for a Halloween classroom party or can be used prior to Halloween as a treat for a class that has been working well. There are also educational Halloween games that are suitable for a few children to play together at home. 
Here are a few that you might like to try at home or at school.

Halloween Hangman

This popular spelling game is ideal as a Halloween game. The traditional hangman diagram can be used and is most appropriate for this time of year. It can be played in the usual way but instead of using any word, a Halloween themed word can be used. You might use the words vampire, witches, potion and haunted.

A slightly different version can also be used. Instead of using just a word that has to be spelled out, try using a whole sentence. Create a spooky, Halloween themed sentence like, ‘As we walked along the deserted road a fog surrounded us and we heard an eerie wailing close behind.’ Draw a dash for every letter of the sentence leaving a space between the words. The game is then played in the same way as the traditional game. You probably won’t get much of the hangman drawn but it is a good educational Halloween game that gets kids using their spelling skills as they try to work out the words in the sentence.

Halloween Riddles

If you are looking for educational Halloween games that will involve some reading or writing, you might like a try Halloween Riddle Match up or a progressive Halloween story. 
To play Halloween Riddle Match Up, you will need about eight to twelve Halloween riddles.

Write the question for each on a card and the answer for each on a separate card so that there are now two cards for each riddle. It is best to use a slightly different sized card for the answers so that children pick up a riddle card and an answer card each time. This game is played like the game of Concentration. All of the cards are turned face down and the players take turns to pick up two cards and see if they have a complete riddle. They keep the cards if they do or return the cards if they don’t. The person who gets the most riddles is the winner.

Progressive Story

There are a few educational Halloween games that will get kids writing creatively. One of these is the Progressive Story.  A simple way to do this game is to use a notebook. To begin, a story starter is written on the first page of the book. The first sentence might be, ‘On a dark, moonless night three witches gathered around a caldron.’ Each person adds a sentence to the story but the interesting twist is that as they do they are only allowed to read the preceding sentence. This does create a rather disjointed story but it is usually a humorous one that children enjoy reading over and over. They can also illustrate the story after it is completed.

There are many different educational Halloween games that can be used at school or at home. Kids deserve to have fun a Halloween but if you choose the right kind of Halloween games there will also be lots of learning that goes on too!

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