Elementary School Fundraising Ideas: Get All Your Students Involved

Have you heard of the saying “two heads are better than one”? This saying can be applied to elementary school fundraising ideas as to the reason that if you are planning on setting up a campaign anytime soon, then it would be best for you to gather as much volunteers as you can. Since you’re going to start a school fundraiser, then your main source of volunteers will be students and teachers. In here, I will be discussing three important things that will enable you to increase as much participation as you can from students and teachers.

First among the things that you need to have in hand if you wish to increase participation for your elementary school fundraising ideas is vision. This basically refers to the reason as to why you need to raise money in the first place. Once you get to determine what your vision is, you need to ascertain that your students are fully aware of this. In doing this, you can try to break down the amount of funds that you would want to raise into different specific items so that you can give your students a crystal clear idea as to what your fundraising campaign will actually do. For instance, if you are looking forward to raising money to buy 10 brand new computers for your school’s computer laboratory and to fund an upcoming school event, you need to list down the amount of money that you need to raise for these two things so that your students can easily understand what you want to accomplish. In addition to showing the amount of money you and your students need to raise, you also need to tell your students the numbers of sales that they should be able to make in order for you to reach your financial targets.

Next in line is individualization. You need to bear in mind that all of your students are unique. Even though you belong in the same school, you will always have your differences. People are born with different natural strengths, personalities, and attitudes. Now, do not take this as a negative thing for your fundraiser ideas. This, in fact, is good as to the reason that an assortment of volunteers will allow you to have different talents and skills in your arsenal, which you can make good use of. For instance, if you have students in your team that are good at drawing or making artworks, then you can assign them to work on your posters or flyers. On the other hand, if you have students that are more skilled on people relations, then you can assign them in your sales team. Make sure to identify all of the talents in your group so that you wont leave anyone neglected and so you can maximize the things that you can utilize to make your ideas successful.

The last thing that you need to observe when working on fundraising campaigns would be communication. This will allow you to keep everybody in your team in the loop. It has been said that if organizers educate and communicate with their volunteers on a regular basis, their performance and participation will increase to a huge extent.

If you want to have more elementary school fundraising ideas on your list of options, you can try looking at some at the AIM Fundraising website. You can also check out some tips in there as well.

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