With the current condition of the economy, it is no wonder that people are looking to alternative sources to earn a steady passive income. Unemployment rates have hit all time highs in recent months, reaching a national average of around 21%, and close to double in some of the hardest hit areas. These changes in the economy are out of the control of majority of people. That is, the “working class” of people has little to no say with regard to the direction and paths our nation takes, yet fall subjective to the consequences that result from the mishap of the elite few controlling the economy.

Thousands of people are laid off daily across the country and even more are rejected for jobs they have applied for. Companies are going bankrupt, and no person’s job is secure. From skilled tradesmen to doctors, people are stumbling to find security and assurance in their current positions, or acceptance to a new job. These statistics are not only devastating but heart wrenching. These stresses are added on top of the current responsibility individuals have in the rest of their lives. This includes paying bills, mortgages, managing family time, and meeting the needs of daily living to ensure a good quality of life for themselves and their family. This is not what society should have come to nor was it the intention of many past leaders. Our economy has been on a continual downward spiral, taking the livelihoods of many individuals down alongside it. In fact I myself fell into this category about 1 year ago.

I was an average run of the mill guy, living in a Condo in Detroit, Michigan.

I was single and lived pretty well off the salary ford motor company paid me to work on the production line. That was until budget cuts were made. I arrived to work one morning, like any other day, and was handed a pink slip indicating immediate termination of my position at the plant. I was not given any form of “buyout” or compensation, let alone a continuance of benefits. I was left empty, and my bank savings were not that high. I was able to meet ends meat for about 4 months, but my “free ride” was quickly coming to an end. Over those 4 months I applied to over 20 different jobs, even to be a janitor, yet none considered me. The competition out there nowadays is extravagant. Even for those with high-end educations. I tried doing online surveys, paid to click programs, and even starting my own website. Nothing worked. I began to feel hopeless and stranded. My life was in turmoil and I had nowhere to turn.

One of my friends then recommended me to the following site, telling me if I put the work in, this internet system would find me online work that paid better than most average daily jobs. I had nothing much too loose so I gave it a shot. Within a week, the system found me over 30 job matches. From those I narrowed it down to 5 possibilities in which I had the CHOICE to choose between. I now work from my apartment, an average of only a few hours a day, and make about the same amount of money as I did working for Ford. Take a look and see for yourself, you will not regret it.


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