Many of the people came from either United States or United Kingdom to Asia and all of you know those are English speaking nation, easily they can earn lot of money by teaching English. English teaching positions are often vacant in most of the South Asian countries and one may find thousands of advertisements over the net, which would ask you to join as a teacher of the English language in either Taiwan or Hong Kong etc. There are hundreds and hundreds of English teaching positions available for you and you can get the full information regarding that with the help of internet, it is asking to join as an English teach in Taiwan, Hong Kong and many more other counties. The reason is that these schools generally want teachers who are born and brought up in the countries of the west, which are English-speaking nations. Having a good and in depth knowledge of the language is considered to be a positive for the job and one can easily make a career out from being a teacher in the far eastern lands .

Easily the east people can get the job as an English, because they are good in English . The fact that English not being their mother tongue have often led them to disadvantageous positions when they have been searching for jobs in countries like UK or even the US. Of course they are English- Speaking nation but some of the people do not have much English knowledge . Today, English language is very important for every individual and now it is become an international language . This is the reason parents from the counties such as India, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and many more other counties are making their children good in English .

Once you join the ESL job then you should have to teach English to the kids and age ranges from 6 years to 12 years .

usually job timings start from afternoon . The normal school gets over by 2 p.m. in the afternoon. once children finish the school then they will attend extra classes to learn foreign English . The eastern lands people will focus more on English. however you should have to teach the English teenager and adults in the evening from 3.00pm to 6.00pm . You will get huge amount of money as a salary for that particular job, normally you can get $ 50000 on yearly basis . Suppose, if you do not English teaching job then it will give opportunity to get ESL jobs.

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