The environmental management MBA course of study revolves around the learning of human and environmental health concerns, water quality, waste removal systems and their balanced connection with business operations. This is a two-year degree program to prepare students to explore the industry of environmental specialists for large business corporations. Due to the fact that environment has become an issue of top priority; more businesses have come to close concern with ecological impact. Business owners are putting more importance into decreasing environmental damage and increase the sustainability.


Of all the MBA programs, the MBA environmental management program marks a foundation of capstone project or thesis that studies some aspect of environmental issues. And for students to enroll into this program, one must first acquire the bachelor’s degree from an acknowledged university or college. It depends on the individual MBA School; some schools are comfortable with the GRE scores but a number of schools only recognize the GMAT test scores as a requirement to pursue the MBA program.


In the environmental management MBA degree syllabus, students will be obligated into studying environmental factors in business management, business law and regulations, and of course, several research-based subjects majoring in sustainability, chemistry and statistics. Besides, graduates are given the opportunity to explore the market’s environmental trends through hands-on business internships or huge seminars. Some of the listed courses encompass the following: environmental law, advanced ecology, industrial business planning, environmental and health economics, and environmental risk management.


Speaking of the possible career options delivered by the MBA environmental management program, students need not be worried as a master’s degree is sure to bring high level careers offered by government agencies, private sectors or some large environmental organizations, even in the global arena. Several enlightened probable job options include business sustainability director, occupational health technician, environmental project manager, environmental health manager and business health and safety specialist. If you are not satisfied with the given opportunities, you can get yourself governmentally certified through the Board of Certified Safety Professionals to become more widely acknowledged.



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