Nursing is a specialized career which requires years of RN training. This is important so that as a nurse you can effectively execute your duties in seeing to the needs of your patients. RN training may take years to complete, depending on the type of degree you wish to attain.

Types Of Nursing Programs

The length of your RN training depends on the kind of nursing program that you want to finish. The different types of nursing programs are Bachelor of Science, associate degree and diploma course. The Bachelor of Science degree takes the longest to finish, it is a 4 year nursing program. The diploma course which is usually offered by hospitals takes 3 years to complete. The associate degree, on the other hand, can be completed in 2 years. It is offered in most community colleges. No matter which type of program you enroll in your RN training you can still qualify for entry-level positions at any hospital or health facility.

Subjects Included In The RN Training

RN training requires students to learn the basics of different subjects related to medicine like physiology, anatomy, psychology and nutrition. All these subjects will give the aspiring nurses the necessary knowledge to deal with their patients. The case of each patient is different so you need to be knowledgeable in several areas of medicine to become a highly efficient nurse. Nurses must also have the knowledge about all types of diseases because it is impossible to care for a patient if you do not know his health condition. The most important subject in RN training is the nursing subject because this is where you will learn the fundamental responsibilities of a nurse. Oral and written communication skills are also taught to student nurses in their RN training. Nurses must be able to effectively communicate with their patients. Written communication is important because nurses are also tasked to fill the hospital charts of the patients.

Licensure Exam: The Final Step

After completing the required RN training, the final step towards your goal to become a registered nurse is the licensure exam. This exam is used to gauge the level of knowledge and skill of the nursing graduates. It makes sure that only competent nurses will have the opportunity to work in close contact with the patients. You cannot apply for positions requiring a registered nurse if you have not passed the licensure exam for nurses.

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