Commonwealth essay competition is organized inviting people from all over the world to participate in it. It is now counted as the world’s top most essay competition where people are given a platform to air their voices regarding any important issue that they want the world to know. This is why; majority of the students either participates on their own or represents their schools or college in commonwealth essay competition.

Therefore, if you have also decided this year to participate in the commonwealth essay competition but you don’t what are the basic rules and eligibility criteria the this article is definitely for you. Go through it and get the latest information on commonwealth essay competition.

Information about commonwealth essay competition

Eligibility criteria for the competition:

Commonwealth essay competition only allows the students who are either 18 or less than 18 years of age

Classes that are defined in the essay competition:

There are total four classes in the essay competition that are defined with respect to the age groups and word counts. They are stated as follows:

Class A 16 to 18 years where the word count would be 1400 to 1750.

Class B 14 to 15 years where the word count would be 1200 to 1500.

Class C 12 to 13 years where the word count would be 500 to 700.

Class D under 12 years where the word count would be 300 to 600/

Objective of the competition:

Competition aims at promoting literary excellence, ethics, encouragement, humanitarian values creativity and awareness worldwide.

Benefits of participating and wining the commonwealth essay competition:

The winner will get valuable cash prizes along with other prizes, opportunity to have a meeting with desired author, film directors, producers etc

Basic theme of the commonwealth essay competition:

Commonwealth essay competition theme varies with the passage of time, like you won’t see the last year theme today.

For example; this year commonwealth essay competition theme is science, technology and society. Let us discuss some essay topics related to the 2010 essay competition theme.

What are some technological inventions that can improve common man living standards? (Related to technology)

An insane scientist (related to science)

Is our generation much mature and wise then our grandmother’s generation? (Related to society)

Every student should participate in commonwealth essay competition so they can bring the creative talent in the front of the world and if you have decided to take part in it, it is advisable that you go for the essay topic that is much related to the nations that are the part of commonwealth team. This will show that you are much in to the issues going around for the nations involved.

Now, I am sure you have all the information in hand required for writing commonwealth essays, go through the rules for participating in the essay competition and take part in it but it is advisable that you also go through the guides for writing an essay or if there is a special guide that is related to writing a commonwealth essay competition.

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