Whenever a bulk solid is subjected to physical movement, crushing and cleaning air in the surrounding is displaced and carries fine particles of that object with it. When these fine particles are in very high concentration they are known as dust which normally spreads all over the surroundings and pollutes the environment. It causes pollution by dirtying the nearby surfaces, soiling the air thus making it difficult to breath and also by coating the leaves of the nearby vegetation leading to their death. Therefore there is need for installation of dust extraction systems in the affected areas so as to protect the environment.

Dust pollution is most common in industrial, manufacturing and mining facilities. This is because the processes that go on in those places usually involve constant movement, breaking, crushing and cleaning of heavy and bulky objects. Therefore most extraction systems are fitted in these facilities.

The extraction systems consist of different parts which include a blower, filter, cleaning system and finally a removal system. All these parts usually work together to perform the single task of eliminating dust from the work place or factory.

There are several types of these extractors. First of all there are the inertial separators which separate particles from gas through the use of forces. After separation the particles are stored in a Hooper and disposed off later. The other type is the fabric filters. They are also called bag houses and use fabrics to filter the air. The filtered particles is collected in the bag houses and disposed off later. Wet scrubbers are also a type of these systems which use liquid to hold the particles therefore eliminating them from the air and finally there are electrostatic precipitators. They use the principle of electrostatics to eliminate the particles.

The following are some of the reasons why you should use these systems. First of all they are eco-friendly and do not use fuel or undertake processes that affect the environment in a bad way. In other words they are clean and do not pollute the environment. They also ensure that there are hygienic working conditions. This enables the workers to carry out their duties more efficiently.

They also require minimal costs to operate since they do not require a person to be on standby as they run. They also require very little power to operate therefore reducing the running costs. This makes them very reliable and economical.

They help stop the wear and tear of things such as cranes, roof structures and other machines by preventing corrosion which is brought about by accumulation of dust. Also due to this they ensure better safety by preventing accidents that may come about due to clogging of the machines.

Finally, many of the products manufactured in factories or mined in quarries are usually taken directly to the consumer. Therefore they must be clean and flawless so as to attract the customers. To ensure this the management must make sure that the commodities are free from dust and other dirtying agents by installing these systems.

Local exhaust ventilation and Industrial ventilation systems are a perfect solution as contaminants can be collected for recovery or safe disposal.

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