Are you a resident of Delaware? If so, you are presumably armed with a long term care insurance (LTCI) policy because Delaware long term care is far from affordable and you’ll probably agree to this.

Now if you don’t have an LTCI policy yet or any form of long term care (LTC) plan for that matter, you better start working out something. Perhaps you can try reverse mortgage, life insurance with LTCI rider, annuities, or anything that will shoulder your LTC expenses in the future as the cost of care is expected to increase twofold in 2025 and fourfold subsequently in 2030.

Right now, the average annual cost of a nursing home in Delaware is already disturbing so what more if it soars higher? For a private room, you have to pay out $ 241 daily or $ 89,972 annually. Meanwhile a semi-private room’s price tag screams $ 83,950.

Assisted living facilities in the state are rising the fastest and the truth of the matter is, Delaware has surpassed neighboring state New York, which is considered the most expensive state for LTC in the mid-Atlantic.

Delaware families who have loved ones in assisted living facilities spend $ 4,646 every month or $ 55,506 yearly. Most of them had to sell some of their possessions or properties in order to be able to put up the aggregate annual fee of an assisted living facility.

The government has formulated extensive plans that will make the cost of care in Delaware easier on the pockets of Delawareans. When these plans shall be implemented is for everybody to see. While it has yet to happen, it is every resident’s responsibility to come up with his own personal LTC plan.

Beating Delaware Long Term Care Costs

It is not only Delaware that has expensive LTC facilities and services. Practically every U.S state offers expensive LTC except for those in the South which are comparatively lower.

Besides, moving to another state just to escape the cost of care in Delaware is not reasonable as you are still bound to taste expensive long term care elsewhere.

There is only one sure-fire way to beat the cost of care in Delaware and that is through an individual LTC plan. It may be in the form of an LTCI policy, reverse mortgage, annuities, or what have you. What matters is that you have a concrete plan, otherwise you can start throwing your goals and aspirations one by one into the air.

According to a 2010 data of uninsured residents in Delaware, 80 percent of these individuals are above the poverty level and most of them are men. This proves one more that more men are complacent when it comes to their health care needs because they know that their wives and children will take care of them should anything happen to them.

Unfortunately, it’s the informal caregivers who suffer afterwards once the people they are taking care of have long gone and left this world.

Instead of analyzing the cost of Delaware long term care you can start looking into different LTCI policies. By the way, don’t skimp on the inflation protection as this will serve as your policy’s fuel to keep your benefits at pace with the country’s unreasonable cost of care.

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