The website for the Social Security Administration is one of the most informative and user-friendly websites available. The information on the website is available in many languages including Spanish, Italian, Haitian Creole, Greek, Polish, and Arabic. If you have vision problems or just hate squinting at the small fonts some websites use, you can also increase the size of the text.

If it is information that you need, the SSA website is the site to browse. You can learn the history of the agency, research most popular baby names, get information about apply for a social security card for a new baby, or if you change your name because of marriage or divorce.

The most important function of the Social Security website is the things that you can do online. You can apply for retirement, social security disability, Medicare, and SSI benefits online. This is often preferable to applying or benefits in the local social security office or by phone using the 800 number because you can complete the application at your own pace. The application can be saved so that you can stop at any point, gather more information and them come back to complete the application at a later date. Other things you can do at the online site are apply for a replacement card, get forms, or appeal a disability decision.

The Social Security website can also help you with retirement planning. If you have enough work quarters to receive retirement benefits, you can use this retirement planning wizard to estimate how much your benefit amount may be at retirement at different ages. You can also download forms, and publications on a vast number of subjects.

Finally, one of the most informative aspects of the SSA website is the ability to email a question to them if you cannot find an answer under the frequently asked questions and get a response within 24 to 48 hours on average. It can be preferable to getting a question answered by phone because you have a written response you can keep for future use.

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