The Sony Ericsson W995 is a slider model music phone designed by Sony Ericsson as the new Walkman flagship phone, previously known as Hilary. The W995 was released on 4 June 2009 and uses the 3rd version of the ‘Walkman Player’. It is also the first Walkman phone to feature a 3.5mm headset jack. It features an 8.1 megapixel camera which seems similar to the C905 which is also one of the best cameras among all the Walkman phones. The W995 is available in three different colors which have been advertised as Progressive Black, Cosmic Silver and Energetic Red. It comes with a 8GB memory card in its package. The W995 is rumored to be the last model made by Sony Ericsson under the “W” trademark which stands for “Walkman.” Because it boasts the best features of the Walkman phones while also packing most of the “C” models known as the Cyber-shot camera phones, the W995 is believed to be a merge between the Walkman music phones and the Cyber-shot camera phones. Mobile phones are real advanced devices which come equipped with different advanced features in them. Sony Ericsson W595 is a brand that has brought real advanced gadgets to the world and has helped the people to get smarter and smarter. Today, the gadgets have become the style quotient for each and every person. The Sony Ericsson W995 is a device with dimensions of 97 x 49 x 15 mm and a weight of 113 gm. These are excellent measurements for a mobile phone as they prove it to be very easy to hold in hand or palm. There is no chance of any difficulty in using this device with such low weight. Size proves it to be easy to be held in palms. The smart-phone has a TFT screen of 2.6 inches and it further has a support of 256K colors through which the users get a nice image display on the screen here. The accelerometer sensor allows a way to use the Sony phone in a simple and comfortable manner. This is a great means of the gadget through which the users are enabled to use the phone by simple means of shakes and inclinations. The mobile phone is provided with an internal memory of 118 MB for storage. Further, here is also card storage to be appended and this card memory can rise to a maximum of 8 GB. With the two storage means available here, the device can keep a large amount of stuffs for you to use later. Internet access technologies of GPRS and EDGE are provided here in the mobile phone such that you can directly read the site information of various gadgets with no worry for you. Here is another technology of 3G enabling you to download stuffs without any difficulty, directly through your gadget. Bluetooth and USB are further available here for you to share information with other gadgets and also with the desktops and laptops. With all these available here in this smart-phone, Sony Ericsson W715 , the people are well satisfied using it. One should give a trial using this gadget, at least if you are a music lover. Article comes from: By Joanne

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What is a W9 Form and why is it used? The IRS W9 Form is required for employers to get completed on an Independent Contractor for their tax reporting. At the end of the year, all Independent Contractors who have been paid more than 0 during the year must be sent a 1099 for their payments.

In this video, HRKnowledgeBase reviews other criteria associated with the IRS W9 Form and provisions employers must consider as they attempt to classify workers as Independent Contractors for tax reporting purposes. For a free IRS W9 Form, visit

Employers who classify an Independent Contractor incorrectly according to the IRS 20 Factors will be subject to potential fines. Here’s a copy of the IRS 20 Factor rulings on how to classify Independent Contractors

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