Everyday more and more mothers are realizing their dream of going back to college. But, there are still more who are not aware of it or how to avail of the benefit. To help these mothers with the application, the first thing to do is to help them understand the process and the eligibility requirements. The program that makes these dreams come true are the single mom scholarships given by the government and private companies. As much as $ 10,000 is being given for free to help finance the school expenses. The application process must be clearly understood and should be submitted on time for the money to be awarded to the mother. It will take a couple of days for the complete application process; once completed, a check will be sent by the government. This check can be directly placed in your bank account and can be used for your expenses; ideally it should be used for education expenses. There are a lot of other options to get the same amount of money; thru through single mom scholarships or grants. $ 10,000 will also be awarded that can be used for college expenses, tuition fee, books and other school expenses; the rest of the money can be used for personal expenses incurred while the mother is studying. The process is simple and they are as follows: 1. Get a FAFSA application form and fill it out completely. 2. Submit the FAFSA application online together with your web pin ID. 3. Wait for the award letter from the school where you intend to go and which you indicated in the application. 4. Deposit or encash the check once you receive it and pay for your college expenses. The FAFSA application will take around two weeks to reach the school that was indicated, once it is there the school financial aid office will contact the applicant. The person to contact the applicant will make sure that all school expenses will be taken cared of before the school starts. The most important thing to remember is to submit the FAFSA application within the deadline periods, otherwise it becomes very late the school will ask the applicant to pay first until the check arrives and then the amount spent will just be reimbursed. This is a very inconvenient and so much trouble, so be sure to complete the online application on time. The $ 10,000 money is a huge help for a single mom in paying for college plus the excess from that amount can also help with personal expenses.

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